Olga Mazur

Proofreading and Copy Editing Services

Make Your Writing Perfect!

I offer the following services to help you make the right impression:


  • Fix your spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors
  • Clean up your formatting
  • Cost = $0.15/per word ($15 for a 1000 word text)

Copy Editing

  • Clean up inconsistent uses of terms
  • Perform light fact-checking
  • Suggest ways to make sentences sound cleaner, the text flow better, and your ideas more understandable to the audience
  • Plus the "Proofreading" services
  • Cost = $0.30/per word ($30 for a 1000 word paper)

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About Me

  • 5 years of experience editing academic texts, resumes/cover letters, corporate communications, and fiction stories.
  • In the middle of completing the Editing Certificate from Simon Fraser University.
  • Certified bookworm and an intense consumer of coffee.